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Weekly Workouts 10/30 – 11/5

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and that you are feeling rested for the week ahead!  Friday night consisted of a night in with my boyfriend and some serious relaxation, it was amazing.  Saturday was more active, with a ski day in the morning and then meeting up with some of our friends for drinks and dinner.

Today, I am sharing my weekly workout recap for 10/30 – 11/5.  I kept it pretty consistent throughout the week and got in a nice mix of cardio and strength.  Keep reading below to see exactly what I did!

Weekly Workouts Recap

Monday 10/30: Monday night took me to FIT Broadway, a new to me gym for a HIIT workout.  For any Denver folks, FIT Broadway is owned by Crossfit Broadway and is in the same building.  The F.I.T. classes are a little different though, they are more of a boot camp style than Crossfit and incorporate cardio and strength training.  I loved the class and ended up signing up for a discounted first month.

This workout consisted of a superset of two different compound exercises, followed by riding on the bike until you hit 15 calories burned.  The goal was to get through two full rounds and I hit it just in the nick of time.

Tuesday 10/31: Tuesday night I met up with two of my girlfriends for a high intensity Pilates class at Fierce45. It was both of my friends’ first times at the studio and they loved it!  I felt like I got a great workout per usual.

Wednesday 11/1: For Wednesday’s workout I took at F.I.T. class at FIT Broadway.  I loved it again!  This class was set up a little differently and it included the following:

Warm Up: 475m run outside, 10 pushups, 200 m run, 7 clean and jerks (each side), 100 m run, 7 snatches (each side)


1 mile run

AMRAP in 10 minutes: 10 clean and jerks (each side), 10 snatches (each side)

1 mile run

AMRAP in 10 minutes: 10 box jumps to burpees, 10 dumbell thrusters

Thursday 11/2: REST DAY!  I subbed Fierce45 both first thing in the morning (5, 6, 7am) and last thing in the evening (6, 7pm) which meant that I had no time for my own workout this day.  Since I had technically not had a true rest day in over a week and my body was crying from Wednesday’s workout, this was perfect.

Friday 11/3: Friday was a Core + Arms + Cardio class at Fierce45.  I knew I was skiing on Saturday so I really wanted a workout that would bring the burn, but that would let my legs rest.  Core+Arms+Cardio it was!

Saturday 11/4: I took my workout outside on Saturday with the first ski day of the season at Arapahoe Basin! I can’t believe that it is already ski season, time seriously flies you guys.  It was so great to be back on my skis and the weather could not have been more perfect.  There were only three runs and two lifts open, this made for a totally packed mountain.  We called it quits around 12 and grabbed bloodies before we made the drive back to Denver.

Sunday 11/5: I met my friend Charlotte for an indoor cycling class at CycleBar at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  I woke up feeling super anxious on Sunday and spent most of the morning trying to get a few things done around the house.  When Charlotte texted asking if I was up for a cycling class I jumped on the opportunity to meet up with a friend and sweat it out.  I seriously believe that exercise is the best medicine.  I love working out for the physical results, but the mental aspect is so much more important.  I felt infinitely better after taping it back at CycleBar.

And there you have it!  My week of workouts from 10/30 – 11/5.  What was your favorite workout last week?  Let me know in the comments below!!