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Thanksgiving Week of Workouts

Happy Monday to all of you lovelies!  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend filled with family, friends, and delicious food and drink.

As I mentioned in my last post, I headed home to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit my parents for the holiday last Monday and didn’t get back until late last night.  I can’t remember the last time that I had a full week at home with my family and it was seriously SO nice to have some time at home.

A few quick highlights of the trip before I share my Thanksgiving week workouts below!

A Trip to Flying Tee on Thanksgiving Eve with my parents, my brother, and my cousin.  We spent the night drinking and hitting balls towards the different targets.  I didn’t do as terribly as I was expecting, but definitely do not have a secret talent for golfing hiding anywhere.

Thanksgiving Day was a great day spent relaxing at home.  For the holiday my parents hosted my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, my aunt, my two cousins, and me – small and lowkey!  We ate tons of cheese, all of the Thanksgiving classics, and had just enough cocktails and wine.  Football was on most of the day and after dinner we played a few rounds of Code Names and Cards Against Humanity.

Friday night our family ventured out to Escape Tulsa to try out an Escape Room for the first time.  There were seven of us and we finished in just about 35 minutes.  It was challenging, but not impossible by any means.  It was a great family activity, I would highly recommend trying one out with visitors or even for a date night!

Now on to my week of workouts!  Finding balance in exercise around the holidays used to be something that I seriously struggled with.  I used to live with food guilt and obsess around eating clean and burning off everything I might possibly consume on that one day prior to the main event.  It was a pretty miserable way to live.

These days I have a much more balanced approach to eating and drinking across the board.  I’ve felt this way for a while, but this was honestly the first holiday since high school that I can honestly say I felt free.  Free to eat and to drink, but not obsess over it.  Did I eat a little more cheese and drink a little more wine than I usually do?  Yes.  Did it kill me?  No.

It isn’t always easy.  There is always that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I could be thinner, to workout for longer, to put the *insert “unhealthy” food here* down.  But everyday it gets a little quieter and I learn to ignore it a little more.

I tried to get in some sort of physical activity every day, but rather than focusing on calories in, calories out, I really tried to just focus on the mental aspect.  The few minutes it gave me to myself in a crowded house, the break from everything else, and endorphins.  Keep reading to see what I did!

Monday: Rest Day!  Monday was a travel day and I just didn’t have time to fit in a workout.  In the past I would have gone for a run as soon as I got to my parents’ house before we sat down for dinner.  This year, I opted to sit with my cousins that I hadn’t seen in a year to catch up.  Memories over calories here!

Tuesday: 20 minute do it anywhere body weight workout.  This workout was quick, but a total doozy.  I technically didn’t have off on Tuesday, so I didn’t have a ton of time to make it to a gym or a class.   I snuck in this body weight workout in between calls and it felt good to just move.

Wednesday: Class at Revved Fitness in Brookside.  It was my first time at Revved and for anyone in the Tulsa area I highly recommend checking it out.  It’s very similar to Orange Theory, with the major difference being instead of treadmills they have assault bikes.  There are three stations: assault bikes, rowers, and strength and you spend class rotating through the three.  You get a heart monitor and the goal is to keep your heart in the yellow zone the whole time and you get a number of points at the end based on that.  It was a total calorie scorcher, burned 670 calories in 60 minutes.

Thursday: 30 minute Physique57 online workout, followed by a 5 minute cardio burst (10 pushups, 20 plank to squat jumps, 10 body weight squats X3).  I could have done more, but wanted to head into the kitchen to help my mom with the cooking so I called it there.

Friday: Another class at Revved Fitness.  Similar in format to the first class, but totally different moves in the strength section.  I really enjoyed this one as well.

Saturday: I just couldn’t stay away.  I took a third class at Revved Fitness.  This one was probably my least favorite of the three.  I just didn’t feel like it made me sweat quite as much as the first one, the weights section really brought my heartrate down.  I still enjoyed it though and think that it will be a regular stop for me when I am home visiting my parents.

Sunday: I was signed up for a class at Revved Fitness, but I woke up just not feeling it.  My mind wasn’t in a hard workout at all, so I listened to it and cancelled.  I opted for a 70 minute heated Vinyasa class at Zen Body, a yoga studio.  I liked the class, I didn’t love it, I prefer the Vinyasa classes I take to move a little bit faster than this one did.  I would maybe go back to the studio, but I will probably try a few different yoga studios in town first.

And there you have it folks!  It was the perfect week of working out.  I really tried to focus on moving my body the way it needed me to, not just to burn calories for the sake of burning calories.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  What was your favorite dish??