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January 2018 Intentions

Happy 2018 everyone!! I can’t believe that another year has already come and gone, it is absolutely crazy to me!! Are you guys ready to hit this new year running? I sure am.

To be honest… I’m not much of a resolution person.  I don’t totally buy in to the “new year, new me” attitude, I think that while the new year can definitely bring some fresh perspective, it’s important to try and have that perspective all year long.  Why wait until January 2018 to start fresh or be better?

That being said, I do like to set the new year with a few intentions.  Things that I want to work on and improve.  Not necessarily with a specific goal in mind, but overarching things I want to do or improve on.  Keep reading to see what my January 2018 intentions are below.

January 2018 Intentions

  • Do more yoga.  I have a pretty solid fitness routine between Pilates at Fierce45, CycleBar, and the occasional run.  However, I have really been trying to deepen my yoga practice.  I really struggle with anxiety and learning how to breathe, set an intention, and truly clear my mind is a top priority for me moving into the new year.  I’m taking a trip from 1/10 – 1/20 with my boyfriend, so I am holding off on joining a studio until then, but then it’s time to hit the ground running.

  • Be more intentional with the blog.  I am so excited I started the blog last year, it was huge step for me and one I can’t believe I finally took!  This year, my goal is to really set up a concrete posting schedule and to post about more than just recipes and workouts.  I want to bring you guys the heart and soul that I have always intended to bring to this space.
  • Be more present with my family, friends, and James.  Put the phone down.  The text can wait, the Instagram can wait, I do not need to scroll through my mom’s best friend from elementary school’s daughters engagement pictures.  Stay in the moment, be present.

  • Become financially savvy.  If there is one area of my life that I truly struggle with it is my finances.  I make pretty good money for my age and no matter what I am incapable of saving. A huge goal of mine for 2018 is to start saving, stick within a budget, and understand where my money goes every month.  I’ve taken a few steps downloading apps, researching different savings accounts that aren’t investment accounts, but that I can’t touch.
  • Read more.  Growing up I was such a bookworm, like could not pull a book out of my hands.  These days, I can seriously go months without picking up a book.  My goal this year is to read at least one book a month.

  • Be a better person.  In general, I like to think of myself as a pretty good person, friend, girlfriend.  But I think we can all improve.  I say things I don’t mean sometimes or am short with the person at the grocery store checkout just because I am having a shitty day.  These things all come back around though and I truly believe that you get back the vibes that you put out.

There you have it folks!  Are you a new years resolution person?  Have you set any January 2018 intentions?  Share in the comments below!